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BY ANDY CHRISTIANA visit to Kate Higham’s studio is always a pleasure. She enthuses about the latest stones she has acquired and how she plans to use them. She engages her customers, solicits their opinions and is simply her hospitable and generous self.


The new shop and studio in Ashburton sits just off the town centre opposite the post office. It has a homely atmosphere and the smart well lit cabinets sparkle and shine out with Kate’s latest work. Browsers are encouraged but Kate also uses the space (by appointment) for those who want to commission pieces for special occasions. Her Italian roots emerge in the warmth of her welcome and her clear sense of personal style.


Kate has a special affinity with the different qualities of the stones and precious metals she uses. She does not impose elaborate settings on her work but rather seeks to appropriately assemble and craft together the innate differences of the metals, beads and stones to enhance one another. She is quick to ascertain what her clients might look good wearing, perfectly judging their skin tone and the size of what they might be comfortable wearing.This is a shop to go well out of your way to visit. If you go just once I can guarantee that you will suffer the delicious addiction of return visits.

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